Make your life easier with Automations

Automation has progressed the world exponentially since its first application. But a new age of automation is here.

"37% of firms expect their operating costs to improve as a result of automating business processes" - Fintech

Never second guess your work, progress reports or results again.
Automation enables teams to get more done, instantly.
Replace human unreliability with robotic reliability.

Automate the boring, routine tasks.

Automate daily tasks that are necessary but not value-adding. The tasks that take time but do not make money.

Human routines are slow, lines of bureaucracy and administrative processes are time-consuming.

While ever a process is reliant upon a human physically delivering that information to the right places, you leave yourself open to human error.

These processes are inefficient whilst ever the individual must manually action the next steps of a process, and often costly in both time and energy.

Let’s show you the power of our Automation

We go beyond everyone else’s automation...

We know the standard date, status, priority & user based automation - that’s done. Taskbox automation can automatically generate tasks and jobs based on answers provided in any of your data collection forms. We will even notify the correct people for you. Automatically.

If you answer “no” in a data form, and no means there is an issue - taskbox will automatically raise the issue based on your answer, and assign the issue to whoever needs to deal with it.


We give you more

So let's say that you complete a risk assessment form and this flags up an unsafe working environment your staff will be notified of a change in the status of that project - unsafe and pending review.

What does this mean for me and my business/team?

Automation saves you time, and time = money

Take human error out of Tasks

Automation takes the human error out of your routine tasks. Human error is a fact of life and can be only be mitigated to a degree. We are trying by automating an element of a human resource.

Save time spent distributing and reporting on information

If you automate the human tasks that you are able to, such as distributing information to relevant parties based on data collection in a form, it takes out the risk that the person who collected the data could be waiting to produce a report, could have delayed, misplaced, eaten the data - meaning it never gets to the place it can be applied or is delayed.


Achieve uniformity in speed and delivery of information

It achieves uniformity with the speed and format that information is delivered to the relevant parties so that their workflow cannot be disturbed but merely added to productively.

Machines don't forget - people do

You know that a task completed by a machine is coded into its workings, meaning that Taskbox never forgets to do something it was supposed to.

Let your team focus on furthering the business - not chasing paper

Let your employees focus on the things that further the business, creativity, new ideas, and new developments.

Create new tasks
Answered 'No' to a question? We can create additional work to do. Logged an issue? We can issue corrective actions. Automatically create tasks.
Change assignments
Need to alert people on certain work being complete? Or need to change a manager if somehting happens? We can automatically do that for you.
Notify people
Need updates on the progress of work? Want to update someone when they need to sign a form? We'll automatically do that for you too.

"41% reported that information was frequently stored in the incorrect folder or system — with 29% asserting information was misplaced or lost."

- Sales Force

Automate a given response based triggers from answers in your data collection forms. Whatever industry, whatever the documentation, we can automate it all.
Be notified when a priority status is changed, date of the end, tasks added, anything about tasks relating to you.
Issue Logs
When an issue is raised relevant parties will be automatically notified of the issue and what it is.
Be notified of relevant action needed based on an inspection report produced. Answers will automatically generate a remedial task if one is needed.
Surveys are great instant and easy data collection tools. Have internal or external surveys to collect small bits of information.
Log timesheets to ensure accurate payroll first time, and ease to check and verify hours logged. Be notified when a timesheet is submitted so that you can verify and action this.

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