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The work OS your teams need

The app you need to run a paperless workplace. Inspect vehicles, log work, automatically share, collect data and get vehicles out the door, knowing everything is done right.

Everything in one app


All teams connected


Updates in real-time


Revolutionary benefits
for a fast-paced industry

Save up to a day a month on admin tasks

  • Reduce the number of meetings
  • Clarity on all vehicles
  • Direct messaging with teams
  • Alerts on the move

Guarantee H&S and compliance

  • Collect data in the app
  • Alerts of any vehicle issues
  • Visibility of incomplete tasks
  • Real-time reports on progress

Provide 100% accurate quality control

  • Complete staff accountability
  • Routines for regular checks
  • Talk to teams in real-time
  • Daily vehicle/department reports

Instant reporting for client satisfaction

  • Know the status of all vehicles
  • Set department rules as routines
  • Locate any data in seconds
  • Track incomplete tasks

Reduce vehicle & operational costs

  • Become 100% paperless
  • Track progress in real-time
  • Reduce delays and miscommunication
  • Track performance & trends

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Collect/report actionable data
  • Set routine satisfaction tasks
  • Introduce inspections in-app
  • Instant reports on standards

Protect your business

Taskbox includes all the necessary tasks, checks, audits and inspections you need to protect your business.

Instant and accurate visibility of stock

Every vehicle perfectly organises tasks, their status, forms, notes and more, so you always know the exact condition of each vehicle.

Instant access

Always connected with teams

Everyone has instant access to shared vehicles. Notification tells people when they need to interact with vehicles.

Teams connected

Work faster with automation

Automatically schedule work via forms, so you always know that work is logged and shared with the right people.

Faster automations

Guaranteed your quality control

Introduce quick and efficient inspections to ensure that all work is completed correctly.

Quality control

Save time and money by being paperless

Removes delays and unnecessary costs by working in real-time with digital workflows and data collection.


Accurate data to make better decisions

Get instant visibility of the latest activities within your business so you can make the right decisions every time.

Better decisions

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