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Taskbox is a user-friendly vehicle management tool, designed from the ground up with vehicle management teams.

Keep work simple with Taskbox

Plan, track and complete your work in on place. Introduce automation to get things done fast and right.
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    Organise your vehicles

    Create new vehicles in the office or on the move. It only takes a few seconds.

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    Schedule vehicle tasks

    Let teams know precisely when work needs completing and when each vehicle is leaving.

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    Get more done

    Easily see what you and your team are working on at any time. Complete work in just a few clicks.

Small steps make big changes

Make the right decision every time and guarantee exceptional results.

Reduce admin times by up to 32%

Our templates have been specifically engineered to reduce the number of human actions required to be complete within workflows. These templates have seen vehicle prep and completion time reduced by up to 28%.
Taskbox features combined into revolutionary workflows deliver incredible teamwork, seeing efficiencies increase by up to 18% in the automotive industry.
In a customer-led industry, customer satisfaction is crucial. Taskbox has seen customer satisfaction improvements of up to 44%.

What do our users think?

The success of our users is everything. Our aim is to deliver a substantial return on investment to the businesses that onboard Taskbox within their business. Find out more about some of the businesses using Taskbox today.
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Redline Specialist Cars

Taskbox launched with Redline Specialist cars early 2020, and we've seen some exceptional results. Take a look at how we've helped Redline through COVID-19.

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Enso Automotive

Enso Automotive are an incrediably passionate team of engineers, working on some of the worlds most increadiable super and hyper cars. See what we've been up to with Enso.

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Auto re-finishing Detailing

One of Yorkshires leading detailing workshops, working with brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more on a daily basis. Auto Refinishing have been using Taskbox since July 2020.

A workflow that just works

It's important to deliver results out of the gate. This is the key ingredient in providing confidence with users.


Input all vehicles into taskbox, create a job card and taskbox will create and assign any work that needs completing.

Accounts / Managers

Get a full overview of all vehicles in-bound, in-stock, sold and out-bound. Schedule and assign work for all to complete.


Access all your work and complete tasks in seconds. Share photos, messages, forms and much more.


Find any vehicle in stock, know the exact status of the vehicle and what work is required for delivery.

Ask our team for automation templates

We've spent years developing templates that will help to speed up your work process and deliver instant results. We have lots of templates available, and our team will be happy to get you started with them.

Job Card's | New forms feature

Tired of passing the same message to people or completing the same tasks time after time. Use our Job Card in forms and let Taskbox do all this for you.

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Vehicle progress notifications

Do you ever wish you could get real-time updates about the progress of cars? With the Taskbox notification templates, you can get instant updates on cars.

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Automatic work assignment

Do you want to save time passing out work? With this taskbox template, you can automatically assign team members to your work without any extra work.

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Ditch your paperwork

All our features are perfectly linked to ensure you get the optimum workflow for the best results.
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