Big Data - Small Package

"Data is the lifeblood of the business, without it, you do not fully know what decision to make, or how it will benefit or cost the company and your team. There are 3 main failures of data which Taskbox aims to eliminate."

“Without Data, you are just a person with an opinion” - William Edwards Demming

Confident Decision Making
Data driven decisions are confident ones. Go where the data guides you.
Accurate Decisions
Decisions based on data can are assured to be accurate. And at the very least not baseless.
Planned Efficiencies
Data allows you to realise cost efficiencies and predict and prevent any delays & Issues.

"91% of respondents reported that their job would be easier if they could quickly and easily access the most current version of a document."

- Sales Force


Collect data naturally

Taskbox enables you to gain key performance data about the way your team is working by incorporating a workflow that encourages and rewards data collection, without any extra effort or time wasted.

We make data collection part of the process to make sure you are always following the science.

Check out where you’re making progress - and where you need a little push In the right direction.


Why is this important?

By encouraging all your teams to collect data relevant to them and you completing the best job - based on the best decisions, build an invaluable library of content and data that you can use to make current and future decisions. The more data you have the better informed your decision will be, and therefore a higher probability, or certainty that you have made the correct one. Benefit every stakeholder in your company from directors down to workers with clearly mapped out plans for all projects undertaken, work seamlessly together, share data collected between employees automatically.

Forms are key for data collection in taskbox. Pre - Loaded industry-specific data collection forms automatically compile, log, and distribute the information you collect in your form got the relevant parties. This is accessible to everyone who needs it.
Be notified when a priority status is changed, date of end, tasks added, anything about tasks relating to you.
Issue Logs
Any issues reported are stored and logged within taskbox. If you are revisiting an old project for evaluation you can retrieve all issue logs associated with it in an instant.
Have inspection reports to hand in a few clicks to pinpoint any issues, or get to the exact root of a problem. Inspection reports are essential for accountability.
Surveys are great instant and easy data collection tools. Have internal or external surveys to collect small bits of information.
A picture can say 1000 words. Take photos to verify work, identify visible issues, and confirm notions.

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