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Get more done,
by doing less

Plan, track and manage your work from anywhere. Know the status of all work in progress, and have confidence that everything is organised correctly.

Create projects in seconds

You know what needs doing, who needs to do it and when. Let everyone else know by creating projects.

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Break a project up into tasks

Add tasks for you and your team to complete. Share as little or as much information as you need, from dates and checklists to interactive forms.


Organise tasks with confidence

Assign people
Instantly share work with anyone who has access to Taskbox.
Add dates
Set dates for work so you know what needs doing and when.
Set priorities
Provide an additional level of visibility with task prioritise.

Manage work your way

Bring your teams work together in one shared space, and view your work the way you want.

A detailed overview of tasks

A detailed list view of all your work, search and refine through the search bar, and focus on priorities.

“See everything in one place - get started here”

Follow the status of work

Kanban allows you to visualise all your scheduled work and work in progress. Have visibility of progression of projects with this view, and manage bottlenecks with ease.

“See all work in a process chart - drag and drop tasks to further them in the process”

Schedule by date and time

RAG Timeline view in Taskbox lets you visualise your time needed on a specific task or project, and perfectly orchestrate the task to be completed to plan. Compare VS plan and manage accordingly.

“See real time progress of your work with an interactive Gantt Chart”

Never fail a task again

Taskbox interactive calander will tell you what tasks are required on any particular date, who’s working on them, and what their current status of completion is.

“Watch out for red dots. They represent a failed task.”

See the location of tasks

Get quick access to all work in one map. See how each task relates to one another based on location with quick access to edit.

“Just click on the pins to access your work”

Awesome tools to help you along the way

Get instant updates on your work with notifications to your phone or computer.
Communicate with your team simply by tagging other users in your notes.
Know the exact status of every task by setting and completing checklists.

Complete work in just a couple of clicks

Everything is laid out for you. Simply follow the instructions and mark as complete once done.

“Click an item - you're now done.”

Connect with teams

Instantly communicate with your teams. Anything you need to share - send them a message.

“Get notifications of anything you need to know”

Forms, docs, photos and more

Complete any forms your work needs. Automatically notify, raise issues and create work based on responses. No need to distribute or chase again.

“Interactive forms built into the app”

Track times, progress, productivity and more

Time is auto-tracked when you begin work and added to timelines and timesheets, so you and your teams know exactly where work is at.

“Real-time updates on all your work”

Including photos and video

Send photos and video to show your team more. You can't get clearer in seeing what your team is seeing.

“Upload and send media instantly”

Review and report with ease

Taskbox gives you real-time metrics and performance reports across all areas using the app, guiding decisions and allowing you to remain agile and proactive in everything you do.


Power up with automation

All features are perfectly linked to ensure you get the optimum workflow for the best results.
Create tasks
Schedule work
Notify people
Set priority
Change assignments
Set routines
Email updates
And More

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