Accelerate production without compromising quality. With Taskbox you can reduce lead times and downtime while ensuring paramount quality and safety.

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Focus on protecting your profit

We've spent thousands of hours working with overheadlines, gas, solar and other utility management businesses to build a powerful tool that delivers real-time work-in-progress updates with unrivalled results.

Work faster
Get work too and from workers on the move instantly with notifications via email or in-app.
Improve Safety
Automatically make sure all your necessary checks and forms are complete.
Gaurantee Quality
Complete quality audits and inspections, flag issues and instantly report.

Continually improving operational efficiencies

Taskbox enables you to gain key performance data about the way your team and company is working by incorporating a workflow that encourages and rewards data collection, without any extra effort, exertion or time wasted within your team.

Build an invaluable library of content and data that you can use to make current and future business decisions with.

We make data collection part of the process to make sure you are always following the science. Check out where you’re making progress - and where you need a little push In the right direction.


Product life cycle Management

Effortlessly track your product life cycle, set clear achievable milestones, that the whole team can view and perfectly orchestrate work from.

Report And improve upon procedure and operations from within Taskbox. When work is assigned and completed through the app Taskbox will automatically place this into a report for you to view and make Future decisions on. These are auto-updated in real time, so you’re never working with old data. And only available to those with the right permissions.

Manage the development of ideas and innovations, testing and streamlining of processes. Set development goals and assure they are completed on time, and track individual contribution and progress within this, apply guidance where a push is needed.

Free-flowing and instant internal communication to discuss action plans, issues and ideas. Automated updates on task and project updates, or stage completions, so that the other teammates can adapt and progress the project.


Automate the routine tasks

Automation has advanced from simple material handling, processing, assembly and inspection. Automate the necessary, routine tasks that take time but do not make money.

Taskbox can trigger issue logging and task generation based on changes in project status, priority levels, user changes and much more. We will only notify those who are associated with the item that has been changed.
Taskbox can automate based on any response or data field completed in one of your company-specific documents. When a response requires action (such as “is it safe?” Answered ‘no’) taskbox will create an issue profile and task for remedial action, and assign it to the relevant user who is required to act. Yes automatically.
Taskbox’s template forms all come pre-programmed with our automation features embedded, meaning if you use a template, the automation will run immediately from day 1.

Paperless is coming - get a head start

Taskbox gives you the ability to digitalise any documentation that your company uses on a regular basis within the app.

Distribute instantly to be signed off by supervisors and have work authorised remotely and as soon as possible.

Paper-based solutions in a regulated industry leave you open to catastrophe. One misplaced document could not only cause significant downtime, but also difficult and costly remedies.


What's in the box?

More functionality than any other Project management software available today.

Desktop app
Our app is available on all Mac and Chrome based Desktop/Laptop PC’s.
Mobile app
It’s also available on any iOS or Android phones. Available in all app stores. Handy offline modes for remote work.
Intelligent automation
Automate responses to any data collection field to auto create jobs & flag issues. Visit our Automation page for more details.
Industry leading workflows
No one else in our sector has the technology to implement workflows as powerful as Taskbox's.
Real-time data
Easily obtain any and all of your KPI’s in one place and correctly formatted, allowing more time for analysis.
24/7 Support
We believe in world-class customer support, that’s why we have helpful 24/7 live chats to help you out.
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A simple workflow

Consitant routine is the key to any success. Instantly knowing work is being done and to the right standards, you will always promote positive progress.

Create a project

Get started with a place to organise your work. It takes 30 seconds to create a project.

Add some tasks

Build your project with tasks. Set To Do lists so you can track progress and share them with others to complete.

Complete tasks

Complete the To Do's within your tasks to get the job done.

Collect data

Complete forms, log time, take photos and much more for insatant tracking.

Track progress

Instantly check that all work is complete and learn how to improve in future.

Report and grow

Report on the data teams collect, so you can see trends, manage issues and get ahead.

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Your forms ready out the box

Taskbox delivers templates out of the box for the optimum workflow with no configuration needed.
Get custom forms and data collection in minutes
Increase in project efficiencies
Increase in safety accountability
Reduction in completion times
Reduction in inefficient costs

Let Taskbox do the work for you


Get instant updates on your work with notifications to your phone or computer.


Communicate with your team simply by tagging other users in your notes.


Know the exact status of every task by setting and completing checklists.


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