How will Taskbox help you?

It's easy to make empty promises and predictions. We've developed a powerful tool that helps us analyse where your project and task management can be improved.

What are we looking for?

Project management houses a range of critical factors that contribute to the success of a workflow. When you look at introducing a digital workflow, these factors change, and it's essential to understand what tools are needed to help.
Data Collection
Issue Control

What does it involve?

Getting your analysis is really simple. We've broken it into 3 steps.
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    Complete our questionnaire

    The questionnaire will take roughly 5 minutes to complete. Included are simple, yes, no questions.

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    Focus on the problem areas

    We'll send you a report based on your answers. In this report, we'll highlight any areas fo concern within your Task management workflow.

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    Implement a new digital workflow

    We want to help you find the right digital workflow that generates results for you.

Your Scorecard

The Taskbox scorecard provides an assessment of your current task management. Discover your strengths and weaknesses in minutes.

Complete the questionnaire linked below, and your results will be emailed to you.

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It only takes 5 minutes to complete
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You'll be measured on:

Team Happiness
Save Time
Our features and workflows are designed to drastically reduce the number of hours you spend on administrative tasks.
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Reduce Costs
Accuracy is key to reducing operational costs. Taskbox is designed to complete a task right first time everytime to save you money.
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Improve Quality
Reactive workflows always lead to issues. Our processes are designed to ensure you are pro-actively delivering better results.
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