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What is Taskbox? Taskbox is the visual task manager that empowers your team to manage any type of project, process, or task. Simply create a project, add tasks, files, notes, forms, checklists and much more. Customize it all for how your team works best. Just sign up, create some work in seconds and you're off.

Watch now Why Taskbox?

Plan work fast to be more efficient.

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All your work in one screen

See what needs doing, reply to new messages, get acitivity updates and much more.

Add the widgets you want to see
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Quickly group work for simple sorting

Organise all your projects and tasks into departments, areas, branches or other.

Track progress by space
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Set goals or milestones with projects

Organise your work with a clear goal. Set a deadline and all your teams will be aligned.

Set dates so everyone is aligned
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Know exactly what needs doing

Break a project down into tasks. Add everything that needs doing for your project.

Schedule tasks by dates
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Create instructions for tasks with To Do's

Add simple checklist items or link to do's with forms, timesheets, media or more.

Add clear things that need doing
To Do's

Features included:

Share in one click to stay connected.

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Share and include people in your work

Share you spaces, projects and tasks with others in a few clicks

Grant permissions for top security
Share tasks
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Chat to your team about your work

Don't leave anything to thought. Share and talk about your work for better results.

Tag people for notifications
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Schecule when work needs to be complete

Keep everyone up to date with when work needs to take place by setting production and completion dates

Set completion dates for deadlines
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Organised tasks into your daily planner

See all your tasks day by day in a beautiful mobile planner.

Add dates to tasks to see in planner

Features included:

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Bring your team together with notes

Work as a team with real-time messaging. Simply tag a team mate in your message and they will get a notification.

Tag a team mate for alerts
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Collect all your data and get instant reports

Build form templates, collect any data, share with anyone and report in seconds.

1000's of templates to get started
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Log and track your working hours

Clock in and out of your tasks or create a timesheet to track time worked.

Clock in and out to keep things simple
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Collect and share all your media

Add your photos, veidoes, audio files, pdf's and more. Attach anything you need for your Project or Task.

Simple drag and drop upload
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Get everything done right

Set a checklist of things that need cdoing for your tasks to be complete.

Link to forms, time & media
To Do
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Automatically log issues from forms

Collect all your issues knowing that the right people will be automatically notified when created.

Store all issues & report

Features included:

Track in real-time to make better decisions.

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See all tasks in a list

Find and track your work by the information that is important to you.

Click information to edit or view
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Drag and drop tasks to progress

See all tasks by their status. Click to view or drag and drop to progress.

Drag and drop into columns
Kanban Board
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Track work by the dates and times scheduled

Visually see when work will take place. Drag and drop to move or expand/reduce the length of work.

Click tasks to view
Timeline Board
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See your scheduled tasks in a calendar

Track your schedule in a user friendly calendar. Simply click on a day to view tasks.

Drag and drop tasks into days
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Your tasks organised by location

Simply add a location to your tasks and track them in your map.

Click on pins to see your tasks
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Follow your work on one screen

See what needs doing, reply to new messages, get acitivity updates and much more.

Add and move widgets
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Get everything done right

Follow simple reports to monitor work status, trends, activity and much more.

Click reports to see your data

Features included:


Automate routines

Work your way


Peace of mind

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