Coming together is the beginning, working together is success.

Taskbox has been designed with the goal to see businesses and teams succeed. We want to make the work as straightforward and un-stressful as it can be.

Improve Efficiencies
Taskbox makes the organisation and completion of work second nature, the planning is largely done for you.
Make proactive decisions
Information is available to you in seconds. This allows you to make the right decisions based on all the information.
Have a happy workforce
Taskbox allows for a clear structure in the working day and takes the stress and uncertainty out of work.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that a straight forward goal setting is beneficial in many ways, both for the company and employee. Having a clear focus in the form of a goal not only keeps employees on track but motivates them by giving a visualisation of the contribution they are making to a wider goal. Human nature is to want to complete tasks until they are all done and the to-do list is empty.

We have taken this concept of human psychology, applied some of our technological wizardry, a dash of advanced automation, and a satisfying interface to deliver this in a way not seen to its true application before.


Teamwork at heart

Teamwork has forever been a human variable in an organisation that you can’t directly influence or solve with management styles alone. Often it takes a framework to make it a habit.

With Taskbox, not only do we encourage and enable teamwork, but we also automate elements of this collaboration, so nothing is left down to chance, and everything comes naturally.

"Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability" - Gallup

Profitability is what keeps businesses going and growing. But if we can do this and allow your employees, and you to be happier and more engaged in the process, we’re pretty happy with that.

Powered by automation

Get more done by doing less.

Focus on the things that generate value and further your teams goals, with advanced automation.

Taskbox’s intelligent automation has the industry-standard simple rule-based commands, but so much more on top of this.

Automate project and task creation based on criteria that you collect from any industry specific data collection Form. On top of that, our Automation will then send any work generated from the data collection for approval by a supervisor, before automatically allocating the tasks to workers upon approval.

Big data

Data-Driven in everything we do.

Know your team

Gain key performance data about the way your team is working. Check out where you’re making progress - and where you need a little push In the right direction.

Know all the key information

Use our configurable Dashboard to have a 1-page view of all your key indicators. Including new jobs created, and any message updates via Sticky Notes or documentation needed to be signed.

Visualise your process

Add counters, graphs and charts to visualize your data in several boards. Our llama farm dashboard view keeps things spicy with colour-coded llamas based on task status.

Analyse and improve

Analyze trends and share with your team so everyone can see the same data. Make a habit out of improving productivity, reducing burnout, and making data-driven decisions.

Available on all devices
Taskbox is available across iOS, Android and Chrome-based browsers, on all devices. Screen size doesn't matter.
Your security is our security
Your data is available online/offline from any location and synced securely to our dedicated 256-bit encrypted servers.
24/7 Customer support
We believe in world-class customer support. That’s why we have live chats available 24/7 for any query you have.

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