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Why use Taskbox? Taskbox lets you and your teams work together from anywhere. It allows you to guarentee the quality of work, whilst reduce admin times, money spent and stress in ways you never imagined. Loaded with features you can use out of the box, Taskbox is regularly updated with the latest and greatest tools to keep you working faster. And it works across all your devices for access from anywhere.

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The Dashboard

Become super productive with our dashboard. See everything in one screen. Follow progress, get totals, reply to messages and much more.

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Connect your people for a happier team

Speed up your teamwork with all your staff, notes, documents and more assigned directly on projects and tasks. Set clear goals for people, chat about anything, and ensure the job gets done right.


Be organised with everything in one place

Our unique storage helps you create the perfect structure for managing your business. Spaces, projects, and tasks give you the features to organise everything from small tasks to large projects.


Limitless features for infinite possibilities

Taskbox includes hundreds of features as standard that help you and your team get more done in an organised way. Taskbox has the features you need to get the job done, from grouped projects to messaging in tasks.


100% Paperless process with instant reporting

Taskbox removes any paper processes from your business. With our intuitive desktop, tablet and mobile apps, you can get all your work done, from anywhere in the world, with no paper.

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Work anywhere for quicker results

Our custom desktop, tablet and mobile applications allow you to work from anywhere in the world, even without an internet connection. So you do your work, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Save time & money with efficient processes

Our mission is to save your staff one day a month in admin work. We aim to remove the majority of your stationery costs, whilst also drastically reducing the number of meetings and travel staff incur.


Real-time data delivers instant reports

Powerful collaboration starts with real-time information. Taskbox provides the latest information incredibly quickly to make the right decisions for your business.


Quality control guarenteed with workflows

Unlock the potential within your business by learning from the data you collect. Set up routine tasks to ensure you are completing all the checks you need.


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