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Taskbox is more than simple project management software; we have developed our product with real businesses to create a genuine workflow manager that makes your job as easy and clear as it can be.


We provide you with results, without reinventing the wheel

Taskbox allows you to easily plan, track and complete your tasks with Crystal clear visibility of your operations. It allows you to work proactively with your team, automating tasks where it can, and in turn you will see your efficiencies improve.
Taskbox delivers efficiency by enabling; teamwork, intelligent automation, access and distribution of data
See everything that is going on with your projects, progress of tasks and employees at all times, with instant communication in-app
Say goodbye to slow paper processes. Complete, distribute and sign documentation of any kind from within the app.
Visually schedule

Replace the chaos with organisation

Taskbox delivers exceptional workflow management that guarantees results with unparalleled organisational planning.

Organise your work with priority labels. Set to low, medium or high so you can always make sure you have scheduled the critical work.
In a world where handling many projects is expected, ensure complete visibility Instantly follow work in real-time with Kanban status boards. Avoid bottlenecks before they happen.
Knowing exactly when work will be complete vs. Plan is the key to a regimented workflow. View, track and schedule work with our intuitive Gantt timeline. See everything.
Know the exact location of all work across multiple sites with maps. Linked directly to Google maps, you can search and assign a location to a task so that you can follow all your tasks on a map.
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Teamwork at our core

Work with anyone from anywhere!

Taskbox ensures that everyone is always working on the same page. Anyone working on a project can see the same timelines, and teammates work. Free and instant lines of communication mean everyone can stay in touch, and converse about the work they are doing.

Sharing tasks with teammates couldn’t be easier. Add team members to a task and they will be notified, and granted access - work together!
Whether you need a teammate to read and sign paperwork, or complete surveys or statements, or just need to share work, you can do this in Taskbox
Taskbox allows you to have a direct communication channel with your teammates, send a note with a project, task, issue, or media to start a discussion. See when your team have read your note, and stay in touch.
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Get more done
by doing less

Taskbox’s powerful automation tools allow you to automate routine admin work that gets in the way of the true value-adding goodness. We’ll notify your team when they require it based on a form you complete, or if you change any statuses within your project, so that you can update your taskbox, and go.

Receive instant updates when your attention is required

Get in-app push notifications as well as email notifications when you have work that requires your attention. Fully customisable of course.

"Alerts are always linked to your work, so you are always up to date with the things you need."
New assignments to tasks.
Signing required or issues raised.
For files that are expiring.
Assignments or rejections.
Issues Raised
Get real-time reports of the data.
And more
With many more alerts included.
Available on all Devices

Taskbox is everything you need, when you need it

With real-time sync across all platforms, as well as a handy offline mode. Everyone will always have the most up to date information, wherever they are. Taskbox is ready for all your devices.
Collect Data

Improve the quality of your work and decisions

Collect all your data whether you’re in the office or on the go. Our intuitive interface makes data collection something you can do in passing, and enables free access to this data to make the most informed decisions to benefit your business and projects

Create new tasks from forms automatically. They’re already formatted, and you can send these for review and signing right from the app. Do this on mobile or desktop!
Don’t waste time at the end of the month trying to work back to ensure accurate timesheets, and stop wasting time chasing them up. Taskbox automatically creates timesheets based on tasks and projects completed and the time it takes for each employee.
Add photographs of anything to do with your projects, a picture can show your colleagues exactly what you’re seeing. Whether you’re in the field, or the office - see what they’re seeing.
Attach your own external files and distribute these to those that need them. Add extra context or information that helps your team get the job done properly.
Real-time Data

Track all your work in progress in real-time

Visually track all of your work. Avoid bottlenecks at every stage, and plan effectively for efficient work. Taskbox makes your work smarter and faster - stay ahead of the game.

Visualise what projects are going to plan, which are on hold, and which require your attention at a glance with smart RAG reporting
Notifications in real-time keep you up to date with anything you are associated with to the second. Be notified by Taskbox before anyone can let you know.
Easily filter your projects or tasks by name, due date, category, status, or priority ratings so that you can get right to what you need to see, when you need to.
Taskbox displays your project profiles immaculately, all the information you need is accessible in a few clicks, without ever outfacing you.
Instant reports

Real-time reports, when you want

As soon as data is collected and tasks are complete, admin users can instantly report on progress.

Features & benefits that
consistantly deliver results

Work faster

Real-time data
Organised and stored securely in the cloud for peace of mind.
Connected anywhere
Every users has access to the latest information.
Instant notifications
Intuitive notifications will keep everyone up to date.

Be more accurate

Build templates
Customise the data you collect in minutes.
Collect data
Guide peoples answers with options and question types.
Instant reports
See all your data in reports as things happen.

Improve quality

To Do's
Make sure no stone goes un-turned with checklists.
Sometimes words aren't enough, log images of work.
Audits & Inspections
Quality control your work with inspections and audits.

Better results

WIP Dashboards
Track the status of your work in progress in real-time.
Detailed reports
See what your data means and how you can imporve.
Issue control
Get alerts about issues as they happen.

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